Such an easy question? Elvis trivia comes to the iPhone

I was planning to have a review for you today of a new iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app called the Official Elvis Challenge. I have an iPod Classic, so no go there, but I was hoping it would work on my wife’s iPod Touch (3rd generation). Unfortunately, she must not have the right operating system version to run the app, which requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

I wasn’t able to try it out, but I wanted to mention it anyway because this Elvis-themed trivia game from USAopoly looks really cool!

Official Elvis Challenge menu screen

Official Elvis Challenge menu screen

First of all, I love that the main menu screen image is a photo from the mid-1970s. 1950s images of Elvis are so overused in marketing and products, so it’s nice to see a company do something different and use a 1970s image instead.

“So I was . . . shakin’. In fact, that’s how I got in this business, was shakin’. May be how I’ll get out of it, too,” Elvis said in 1969. Appropriately, the Official Elvis Challenge includes a shaking feature. It also has three levels of play and a variety of Elvis games.

If anyone has a chance to play the Official Elvis Challenge, be sure to post in the comments about your experiences.

Here is another sample screen, including an interesting trivia question:

Identify the source of the following quote, There have been many accolades uttered about Elvis' talent and performances through the years, all of which I agree with wholeheartedly. Choices are Connie Stevens, New York Times, TIME Magazine, or Frank Sinatra

Official Elvis Challenge trivia question

Do you know the source of the above quote? I’ll post the answer tomorrow. No fair Googling it!

* * *

Original images courtesy of USAopoly. Used with permission.