About Pastimescapes

Through Pastimescapes, I examine my fascinations, old and new. From an entertainment perspective, my core interests have remained with me since childhood: Elvis Presley, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

Some might say I am extremely loyal, but the truth is I never grew up. I am now 42-years-old, according to complicated computations using my birth certificate. This is obviously a misprint. An unfortunate typo. Dividing that number by five will produce a more accurate age, though. Just ask my (very patient and understanding) wife.

While I am a member of three of the most obsessive fan bases, I also enjoy exploring the history of entertainment, particularly of the 20th century. I respect the past, which is why I have no problem enjoying productions that predate my time on this planet. After all, 90% of Elvis’ career took place before I was even born.

I am your guide in the realm of Pastimescapes. I hope you will find something that you like.

Troy Yeary