Twenty Years Burning down the Road

Two decades ago, on August 21, 1997, I launched the original incarnation of this site. First hosted on, Star Trek: The Film Frontier initially focused on the making of the Trek movies. There were eight of them in 1997. In 2017, there are thirteen, with more eventually to come, I’m sure.

Two blasts from the past: My 2001 Dell Inspiron 2500 displays a circa 1999 version of Star Trek: The Film Frontier

Two blasts from the past: My 2001 Dell Inspiron 2500 displays a circa 1999 version of Star Trek: The Film Frontier

Back then, I really did not let my own voice shine through very often. The original site was mostly a collection of quotes from the cast and crew that I compiled from about a dozen reference books. Some of the early versions of the Star Trek movie pages on Wikipedia (established 2001) were actually straight out copy and paste jobs from my site, with no credit given (long since removed).

I eventually expanded The Film Frontier to include my other key movie interests of the time, Star Wars and Superman. Soon, The Film Frontier became more of a blog and included Elvis Presley and other pop culture topics beyond science fiction & fantasy movies. For awhile, I wrote solely about Elvis (The Mystery Train Elvis Blog), but eventually came back to the concept of a blog where I could just write whatever I wanted.

Today, I have the awkwardly named Pastimescapes, but it all started twenty years ago with Star Trek: The Film Frontier.

While Pastimescapes will not soon set any records for number of visitors, I truly appreciate those who do take the time to view my little bits of randomness. I’d like to thank both of you for reading.

I’d also like to thank the moon for providing a solar eclipse today in honor of this site’s 20th anniversary.

It’s been fun, but I’m hoping the next 20 years won’t roll around so fast.

3 thoughts on “Twenty Years Burning down the Road

  1. That’s great you can trace the origins of your current work all the way back to 1997! And that’s a varied journey you’ve made too. The farthest I can go back to is 2009 on Star Wars forums like Rebelscum and TIG when I’d post up my vintage toy ads in the off-topic sections. I like the name Pastimescapes. Keep up the good work and happy 20 years! :)

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  2. I also enjoy your blog very much! Being an Elvis fan, I also dig Star Trek and Star Wars, so this is the place for me! Thank you for all your hard work with this site, really appreciate it!

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