Elvis Presley: 40 Best Deep Cuts (Part 4 – The Top 10)

Elvis Presley in 1956

Elvis Presley in 1956

This is Part 4 of a countdown of Elvis Presley’s greatest “deep cuts,” songs that did not appear as singles in the United States during his lifetime. Read Part 3.

#10 Walk A Mile In My Shoes [Live] (1970)
On Stage – February, 1970

#9 Johnny B. Goode [Live] (1969)
From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis

#8 Stranger In The Crowd (1970)
That’s The Way It Is

#7 You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ [Live] (1970)
That’s The Way It Is

#6 Just Pretend (1970)
That’s The Way It Is

#5 How The Web Was Woven (1970)
That’s The Way It Is

#4 Polk Salad Annie [Live] (1970)
On Stage – February, 1970

#3 Tiger Man [Live] (1969)
From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis

#2 Reconsider Baby (1960)
Elvis Is Back!

#1 Love Me (1956)

I must admit that I struggled with my selection for the top spot. For a “deep cuts” list, “Love Me” feels like a cheat. Demonstrating the power of Elvis in 1956, “Love Me” managed to climb to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart without even being released as a single. Therefore, it shows up on many greatest hits compilations.

In any event, “Love Me” fits within the parameters that I defined for this list, and it is no doubt the greatest of the deep cuts, even if not the deepest of them.

By the way, I want to give a quick thank you to Elvis Day By Day and others who have supported this series over on Twitter. I very much appreciate it.

Whether you are playing deep cuts or greatest hits, be sure to crank up some Elvis this week and every week. It’s good for you!

4 thoughts on “Elvis Presley: 40 Best Deep Cuts (Part 4 – The Top 10)

  1. Hi Troy Nice chart, surprising #1. But I did find some of my personal gav’s in your list. Thanks for mentioning the blog. Good to see you writing about Elvis again. Regards Kees


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    • Thanks,, Kees. I had fun putting this together. Though I was definitely burned out on analyzing the topic a few years ago, I think Elvis will always play at least some part in my writing.


  2. Haha! Love the heavy presence of “ETTWII” tracks in the top ten! And the 2 “On Stage” tracks are bang on. I’m OK with “Love Me” except, personally, I grew up with the “Aloha” version of “Love Me” and when I first heard the ’56 I thought it was too quiet, slow and crawling.Good track, though and great list. As a fellow fan, I can see how it would be fun to really analyze what your faves are in any Elvis sub-genre: movie tracks, live tracks, etc.And I gotta say – maybe his greatest vocal/recording that I think is buried the deepest has got to be “So Close, Yet So Far”. What say you? Buried deep. yes? And stellar recording, no? And what about some early 60s tracks? Hidden gems like “Fountain of Love”, “Never Ending” or “Gonna Get Back Home Somehow”? Ah! Forget it! There’s SO many! Great list, Troy.

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    • Thanks for all the comments, Wellsy.

      Regarding the “slow” version of “Love Me,” it has taken me years to get over this phenomenon caused by hearing the rushed, 1970s live versions of his 1950s hits first. I call it the “Theory of Relativelvisity.”

      Here are my perspectives on the songs you mentioned:

      “So Close, Yet So Far” (1965): I agree it is a very deep cut, but for me it is 3 out of 5. An average song — which makes it stand out in that time period, certainly.

      “Fountain of Love” (1962): Definitely a hidden gem. 5 out of 5.

      “Never Ending” (1963): 4 out of 5. Above average. Always worth a listen.

      “Gonna Get Back Home Somehow” (1962): This is the one we are farthest apart on. For me, it is 2 out of 5. An OK but below average song.

      My analytical side loves slicing and dicing my favorites. Thanks again, Wellsy.


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