Elvis Presley: 40 Best Deep Cuts (Part 1)

Elvis Presley in 1970

Elvis Presley in 1970

At Graceland in Memphis, 40 years ago this week, Elvis Presley passed away at the age of 42.

In his 23-year career as an entertainer, Elvis released 711 master recordings, 198 of which appeared as single A or B sides – including classic hits like “Suspicious Minds,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Burning Love.”

What of those other 513 recordings that never became singles in the United States during his lifetime?

This week, I present a countdown of what I currently consider the 40 best “deep cuts” from the body of work that Elvis left behind. These recordings only appeared on Long Play (LP) or Extended Play (EP) albums.

I have been an Elvis fan for as long as I have been listening to music, and I consider these deep cuts among his best work, though the general public is not as familiar with them.

To prevent this list from simply becoming “greatest hits live,” note that I also disqualified from consideration over 50 subsequent live versions and alternate takes of songs that were originally singles.

As always, this is one fan’s opinion.

#40 You Asked Me To (1973)
Promised Land

#39 Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (1971)
Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas

#38 Do You Know Who I Am (1969)
From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis

#37 By And By (1966)
How Great Thou Art – As Sung By Elvis

#36 I’ll Be Home For Christmas (1957)
Elvis’ Christmas Album

#35 Silent Night (1957)
Elvis’ Christmas Album

#34 Make The World Go Away (1970)
Elvis Country – I’m 10,000 Years Old

#33 Like A Baby (1960)
Elvis Is Back!

#32 Long Black Limousine (1969)
From Elvis In Memphis

#31 Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (1973)
Good Times

To Be Continued . . .

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6 thoughts on “Elvis Presley: 40 Best Deep Cuts (Part 1)

        • That is a good question. Part of the reason “How The Web Was Woven” was not as well known at the time of release is that it was unfortunately not a single (at least in the US) and therefore received no radio airplay.

          I think “Stranger In the Crowd” b/w “How The Web Was Woven” would have been a stronger single than “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” b/w “Patch It Up.”

          Including archival material, RCA released about 10 Elvis albums between May 1970 and May 1971. In the middle of all of that, the November 1970 release of That’s The Way It Is was lost, and the album was not as popular as it might otherwise have been.

          As to since that time, those in control of his music do not seem to understand the power of Elvis 1970. A promotional blitz around lesser knowns like “How The Web Was Woven,” “Stranger In The Crowd,” and “Just Pretend” might have pushed more interest in the 2014 editions of That’s The Way It Is.

          Maybe someday!

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  1. “How the Web” and I go back a long way. I love it dearly. Your “Stranger” single idea is great. The tracks from this album are all fantastic. Funny how the single “You Don’t Have To/Patch it Up” features my two least favourites.

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