More Cool Gifts for the 50th: A TIME for STAR TREK Stamps

As you might have noticed, of late, I have been in a Star Trek mood – what with the new movie and the 50th anniversary and all.

My wife, always one to feed my various fandoms, recently gave me two more items for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. These on top of the golden Enterprise ornament from a couple months back.

TIME magazine's special STAR TREK edition and the US Postal Service's STAR TREK Forever stamps

TIME magazine’s special STAR TREK edition and the US Postal Service’s STAR TREK Forever stamps

The “Special Edition” of Time magazine covers a broad spectrum of Star Trek history — from the originals to The Next Generation and all the way up to the recent Kelvin Timeline movies.

I have to say, the art on the US Postal Service Star Trek Forever stamp set looks better in person than on my photo or any other images I have seen online. Canada is also releasing Star Trek stamps, in a more traditional style.

Incidentally, this image was my very first experimental attempt at using a Shotbox, which I recently bought to improve some of my images here on Pastimescapes. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up and use. Over time, I will refine my photography process, and the results should be increasingly better images of items I collect.

Star Trek history does not end in 2016. The new Star Trek: Discovery series launches in May 2017. My favorite way to keep up with Discovery is by following Stella, Nicholas Meyer’s dog, on Twitter.

Have a great week!

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