A Golden “Enterprise”

USS "Enterprise" (Hallmark, 2016, artist: Lynn Norton)

USS “Enterprise” (Hallmark, 2016, artist: Lynn Norton)

My wife picked up this ultra-cool Star Trek Christmas ornament today for me from Hallmark. Though I’ve not yet installed the batteries to confirm, this “50th Anniversary Gold Edition” of the “pilot version” of the USS Enterprise apparently includes Captain James T. Kirk’s opening monologue from the 1966-1969 television series.*

USS Enterprise - Hallmark ornament box (2016)

Christmas comes a few months early, with the 50th Anniversary Gold Edition of the USS “Enterprise”

*The analytical Trekkie in me is obliged to point out that Captain Kirk (William Shatner) did not appear in “The Cage,” the 1964 pilot upon which this ornament is based. Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) instead commanded the Enterprise in that episode, which failed to sell the series. Kirk made his initial appearance in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” a 1965 pilot do-over that resulted in NBC picking up Star Trek, which began airing on September 8, 1966. Due to reuse of the valuable special effects footage, the “pilot” Enterprise showed up in Kirk’s Star Trek episodes from time-to-time, however. In any event, none of this takes away from the coolness of the ornament!

Update: It turns out that this ornament actually depicts the second pilot version of the Enterprise, from “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” which was indeed Kirk’s ship. See dep1701’s comment in the discussion section below for additional details. Thank you, dep!

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” is actually the only Kirk episode that does not include his famous “To boldly go…” opening monologue. The monologue appeared in neither the 1965 pilot version nor the 1966 broadcast version of the episode. It was added in for the Star Trek: Remastered version in 2007, though.

USS "Enterprise" 2016 Hallmark ornament

“Steady as she goes.”

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  1. Actually the use of Kirk’s voice clip is appropriate for this ornament. The details actually match those of the filming model after it was re-detailed for the second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, which introduced Kirk. That’s when the rear ends of the engines had the round vents painted on them and the bridge dome got a large rectangular “window” ( footage of the first pilot version of the model was used briefly in “WNMHGB” as the ship is inside the “barrier” and after the second commercial break as Kirk records his log about the damage to the ship ).

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    • Interesting! Thanks for the additional info on the Enterprise. So, this is actually the second pilot version. The tips on the nacelles and the oversized deflector dish threw me off and made me think “The Cage.”


  2. The main details of the model remained the same between the two pilots ( the oversized delflector dish, the larger bridge and the smooth shuttlebay doors ) but internal lighting was added for the second pilot and that’s when the other cosmetic changes were made. If you REALLY want to geek out about the changes made to the filming model between the two pilots and the series, check out this webpage: http://startrekhistory.com/models.html

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