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I have been away from my little blog for awhile. It is difficult for me to continue at this time because the person who has been reading my writing since I scrawled the first letter of the first word is unwell and might never see this. As I know she would want me to carry on, I will try to do so….

While I have not been inspired to write of late, one thing I managed to do here on Pastimescapes was repost the majority of archived material from my previous blogs, including The Mystery Train Elvis Blog – which I received many requests about after removing that content last year.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits home media on Tuesday. As much as I love seeing them in theaters, certain movies are much easier to analyze in the comfort of home – particularly with the ability to pause, reverse, etc. I’m looking forward to The Force Awakens entering my standard rotation of Star Wars movies as well.

Coming to theaters on July 22 is Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the alternate universe that features Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk. I did not find the teaser trailer very appealing, but I am withholding judgment until I see the actual movie. Besides, I disliked The Force Awakens trailers, too, and ended up loving the full movie.

As this year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek‘s debut on NBC television, all kinds of products and promotions are in the works. For fellow fans of the music, be sure to check out Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage, a live touring production that features music from the entire franchise. While video footage and unnecessary narration detract from the orchestral experience in the live show, no such problems exist on the newly recorded 2-CD soundtrack of the same title – sold at the concert venues and now on the site as well.

The main Star Trek product I am anticipating this year, though, is Michael Okuda’s long-awaited update of his Star Trek Encyclopedia. The revised and expanded edition will contain a whopping 1,056 pages. It will be available from Harper Design on October 18.

A new Superman movie recently came out and made tons of money during opening weekend. As I prefer Superman movies to be fun and exciting rather than dark and brooding, I skipped it. Until now, I have seen every Superman film in the movie theater since 1978. That’s right, even Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987). Unfortunately, I am not part of the target audience of the new film series that began with Man of Steel (2013). I am glad to see that Wonder Woman has finally hit the big screen, though.

Though I have fallen way behind in watching it, I have enjoyed the new Supergirl TV series on CBS. The quirky show starring Melissa Benoist reminds me a bit of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, except with better effects and villains. Of course, I also discovered Supergirl is very similar to The Flash TV series, which I started watching via Netflix around the same time.

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl (CBS)

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl (CBS)

Speaking of new TV shows, CBS is launching a Star Trek series early next year. As it will only be available via their All Access subscription service, I was just moderately interested in this not yet titled show until I learned that Nicholas Meyer is on the writing staff. Meyer co-wrote Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991). He also directed The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country.

In other words, Meyer had a hand in all of the best movies featuring the original cast. The first episode will debut on the CBS broadcast network as a preview. Unless that turns out to be horrible (like Star Trek: Enterprise‘s “Broken Bow” series premiere, for instance), I will be signing up to see the rest. I would not want to miss any Nicholas Meyer Star Trek adventures.

I have a carefully curated yet otherwise random series of smart playlists on my iPod. While I listen to a variety of music throughout the rest of the week, Fridays are Elvis Day for me. I figure Fridays are great already, so why not make them perfect?

One of the songs that played on the way home from work today was Take 8 of “Suspicious Minds” – the unedited master released on the 2012 FTD edition of Back In Memphis. It is so interesting to hear the song without all of the subsequent horn and backing vocal overdubs. It has more of a raw, rock ‘n’ roll feel. I love having the option to hear it both ways, though I ultimately prefer the finished master.

Well, this post has been all over the place today. I hope you don’t mind.

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