MORNING SKY by Elvis Presley (Playlist Recipe)

One of the things I enjoy doing in iTunes is creating playlists for my iPod. Below is the recipe for one I recently baked. For fun here on Pastimescapes, I have divided it up as an imaginary 2-record set.

All songs are the master versions, unless otherwise indicated. For those Elvis fans baking along at home, feel free to substitute your favorite version if you are missing a specific ingredient, as I know everyone’s spice collection is slightly different.

Elvis Presley in 1970

Morning Sky – Elvis Presley

Side A

  • Burning Love
  • Early Morning Rain
  • Where Did They Go, Lord
  • I’m Leavin’
  • We Can Make The Morning
  • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Rehearsal) [Elvis On Tour: The Rehearsals]

Side B

  • I Shall Be Released (Informal) [Walk A Mile In My Shoes]
  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Informal-Master, Extended, Alternate Mix) [Our Memories Of Elvis: Volume 2]
  • It’s Only Love
  • For Lovin’ Me
  • It’s Still Here (Master, Extended, Alternate Mix) [Walk A Mile In My Shoes]

Side C

  • I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (Live) [That’s The Way It Is (2014 Deluxe Edition) (Disc 5)]
  • Patch It Up (Live Master, Alternate Mix) [That’s The Way It Is (2014 Deluxe Edition) (Disc 5)]
  • I’ve Lost You (Live Master, Alternate Mix) [That’s The Way It Is (2014 Deluxe Edition) (Disc 3)]
  • You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Live) [That’s The Way It Is]
  • Johnny B. Goode (Rehearsal) [Elvis On Tour: The Rehearsals]

Side D

  • Separate Ways
  • My Way [Walk A Mile In My Shoes]
  • Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Master, Alternate Mix) [Walk A Mile In My Shoes]
  • Amazing Grace
  • For The Good Times (Re-recording) [Elvis On Tour: The Rehearsals]
  • Always On My Mind (Re-recording/Overdubbed) [This Is Elvis]

8 thoughts on “MORNING SKY by Elvis Presley (Playlist Recipe)

  1. This is so tempting to do because of the mediocre job RCA did over the years. Did you make a cover? What I’ve been doing lately on my iTunes is collecting loose, single tracks and putting them together on ‘albums’, naming them and making covers with Ribbet (part of Google). Good times.


    • Outside of the movie soundtracks, most of his RCA albums hold up fairly well. However, after listening to them for 30-40 years, it’s fun to reconfigure and reimagine them via playlists and the like. Plus, it is an opportunity to sprinkle in alternates and other not quite finished material that would never have had a formal release back in the day.

      I’m always amazed at some of the fan-made cover art out there. Though I dabble for my own purposes, I don’t really have a talent for it. If you have not seen it before, check out this site, which has some fantastic designs:


  2. Love your ‘Morning Sky’! The song ‘I’m Leavin’ is so special to me, because when I saw Elvis in St. Louis Concert on June 28, 1973……..I have never forgotten that special song! First time I had heard it, never forgot it. Brought tears, with that memory, the day I heard that Elvis was gone, though……….on my car radio, about 4PM. TYVM for the happy memory of that song, too!! TCB


    • Thanks, Clementine. “I’m Leavin'” is one of those songs that only Elvis fans seem to know about. Definitely a favorite of mine as well and a unique performance in his rather large body of work.


  3. Very nice songs. The only version of My Way i can really stand is the live version from Aloha. The master is just eh. I don think it really connects as well as the live version. Too Sinatra, not enough Elvis. There isn’t that majestic end. JMHO of course. Great idea though. I’m always fond of new imaginative ways to imagine the Elvis catalog. Still working on getting people to listen to Viva Elvis. LOL


    • Thanks, Fred.

      Regarding “My Way,” for me the two stand-outs are the 1971 studio version and the 1977 single. While I see your point about the 1971 recording, I actually enjoy it mostly for how quiet/different it is compared to the expectation. It certainly sounds like an abandoned/unfinished version, though. If only he had put more time into working on it. If I remember correctly without pulling out a reference, I believe this was the Nashville session where he abruptly left in a huff over something or other.

      The 1977 single version holds sentimental value to me because it and the flip side, “America the Beautiful,” are the first two Elvis songs I can specifically remember hearing. While I can recall listening to Elvis records before that one, as I was definitely aware of him prior to his death and the single was posthumous, I can’t recall what those other recordings were. For whatever reason, “My Way” and “America the Beautiful” are the ones that stuck.

      The 1973 Aloha From Hawaii version of “My Way” always feels a little lacking to me – though I can never quite put my finger on why.

      Regarding Viva Elvis, you and me both! Even as a longtime fanatic who loves the original masters of those songs, I still find the overall experience of that album to be wonderful. I’m still disappointed that it performed so poorly and was so rejected by most of my fellow fans. For me, I don’t mind variants and experiments, as long as the originals are still out there. C’est la vie. There’s no accounting for my taste, I guess.

      So, I can always tell someone has posted a great comment when my subsequent response is longer than my original blog post! Thanks again, Fred.


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