Starting All Over

Where Are You?


After a long journey on the Blogosphere, you awaken. Looking around, you wonder if you have taken the wrong track.

Was it the second railcar to the left or the third to the right that promised adventures beyond the edge of reality?

Where are you? Never fear, weary traveller. The Mystery Train you have been riding has finally arrived at your destination.

I am your guide in the realm of Pastimescapes.


The Blogosphere

The Blogosphere

Pastimescapes expands the mission of the blog formerly known as The Mystery Train. The music of Elvis Presley will continue to have a strong presence here, but this revamped site will also cover other topics.

From an entertainment perspective, my core interests have remained with me since childhood: Elvis Presley, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Some might say I am extremely loyal.

The truth is, I never grew up. According to my birth certificate, I am 40-years-old. This is obviously a misprint. An unfortunate typo. Dividing that number by five will produce a more accurate age, though. Just ask my (very patient and understanding) wife.

This also means I am a member of three of the most obsessive fan bases. I am really not that obsessive, though.

For instance, everyone knows the below kinds of information, right?

  • The recording details for their all-time favorite song? (Recorded in March 1972 during a “mock” studio session in Hollywood, with additional overdubs in 1981.)
  • The birthdate of their all-time favorite fictional character? (March 22, 2233.)
  • The figure that defined the 3-3/4-inch size of their all-time favorite line of action figures? (Luke Skywalker.)

Okay, maybe I am a little obsessive. When I am really interested in something, I want to learn all I can about it. Sometimes, those diversions fade away, while others remain a part of me, or new ones are discovered.

I also enjoy exploring the history of entertainment, particularly of the 20th century. I respect the past, which is why I have no problem enjoying productions that predate my time on this planet. After all, 90% of Elvis’s career took place before I was born.

Through Pastimescapes, I will examine my fascinations, old and new. I hope you will find something that you like.

15 thoughts on “Starting All Over

  1. Troy! Where have you been? So nice to talk to you again and of course, you know it is ‘Elvis Week’! TCB! Clementine


    • Oh, I’ve been here. I can’t seem to go anyplace else because wherever I go, here I am.

      Thanks, Clementine! Definitely a good week to listen to lots of Elvis.


  2. Welcome back, Kotter. And I’m hip when you say sometimes the diversions fade away. But the stuff you truly love – the stuff that is most ‘you’ – sticks around. And also what you say about the past. ‘New music’ for me means 1992; that’s basically when I tuned out. Happy writing!


    • Speaking of things that should fade away, I didn’t even like that show in the 1970s!

      1992, huh? There’s been a lot of good music since then, but to quote one of the annoying guys from Elvis – That’s The Way It Is, “to each their own.” [I note that Elvis fans quote him a lot, which is funny because he didn’t like Elvis.]

      Anyway, thanks, Wellsy!


      • Come on! First-season ‘Kotter’ is classic! And don’t remind me about the annoying people they interview in “TTWII”: the only blemish in that sublime project. I mean, those two girls with the cat?! Brutal.


  3. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy the wide variety of music and find the writing entertaining. I welcome your comments. New posts are generally put up once a week. Regards and good luck with all your projects. Thom


  4. Troy, I missed Mystery Train, you always posted interesting and sensible Elvis articles. I look forward to reading more. Colin.


  5. I also miss M.Train. Hope this column is truthful I dislike the Elvis clubs out there who only want good press or photos of E. How many ” Look at those eyes” and oohs and ahhs can you take. I have been an Elvis fan since he was on the Louisana Hayride. He wasn’t a god,he was a man who made mistakes. I want to hear ALL stories about him,good or bad because i am a True fan. Thanks for your time.tcb…..


    • I understand your point about wanting a balanced perspective. I’ll be first to admit that I tend to come at Elvis and other topics of interest to me from a positive angle. Not an “Elvis was perfect” angle, but one that tends to focus more on the aspects I enjoy.

      The story of Elvis is both triumphant and tragic. Just like he sang, “I’m not a king, I’m just a man.” I feel like that one line might be the entire reason he recorded that song. In any event, there is no escaping that many of his mistakes led to his downfall. But hey, I’m not perfect, either.

      Thanks for the great comment, Sonny! I hope you’ll keep reading.


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