Free thoughts from a rock ‘n’ roll philosopher

A few weeks ago, during a free promotional period, I downloaded a new eBook by Grant Maxwell called How Does It Feel? Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Philosophy of Rock and Roll. I have been looking forward to checking it out, once I find time to finish at least some of the half-dozen other books I am currently reading.

On Friday, April 18, the book will be available as a free download yet again on (normal price is $4.99 US). A press release description of How Does It Feel certainly sounds intriguing:

From the recording of Presley’s first hit at Sun Studio to the Beatles’ primal Hamburg initiation to Dylan’s “transfiguration,” this study suggests that archaic modes of thought, including those associated with mysticism, alchemy, shamanism, and ecstatic spiritual practice, and even with often trivialized phenomena described by words like “magic,” “destiny,” and “prophecy,” are vitally important for understanding how these musicians were able to catalyze the inception of an epochal revolution in human consciousness.

Maxwell’s book is available for download on Incidentally, you do not necessarily have to buy a Kindle or any other specialty device to read eBooks. You can download a reading app for free from Amazon that will allow you to view them on your computer or many other electronic devices.

Cover of HOW DOES IT FEEL eBook by Grant Maxwell (2014)

Cover of HOW DOES IT FEEL eBook by Grant Maxwell (2014)

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  1. Troy! TYVM! …………..the book sounds intriguing, to say the least! Just returned home from Graceland and Sun and Tupelo!! Talk about MYSTICAL !!


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