Journey back to 1979 with Topps BUCK ROGERS trading cards

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #1 (Topps, 1979)

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #1 (Topps, 1979)

While I was growing up in the 1980s, I used to love watching syndicated reruns on WRLH-TV Channel 35, an incredible UHF station here in Richmond that was eventually ruined when it became a FOX affiliate. During the good old days, though, I routinely tuned in weeknights at 7:00 to watch Star Trek. There was no need to call it “the original series” back then because it was the one and only live-action Trek.

During the summer, Channel 35 usually gave Captain Kirk a temporary vacation and filled the 7 PM slot with Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, which starred Gil Gerard as the legendary space hero. Though I remembered watching certain episodes of Buck Rogers as a four-year-old when it aired as a new NBC series beginning in the fall of 1979, the summer reruns gave me a chance to reconnect with the show long after it was cancelled.

The pilot for the 1979 Buck Rogers series actually made its debut as a theatrical release to movie theaters in the spring of that year. Earlier this year, I acquired a complete Buck Rogers Topps trading card set on eBay (a dangerous place for me to visit) that features the pilot movie. I love the look and feel of vintage cards from the 1970s and 1980s. Today’s cards are too slick for my taste and hold little interest for me.

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #40: The Ace Of Space (Topps, 1979)

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #40: The Ace Of Space (Topps, 1979)

Like the 1977 Star Wars movie, the Buck Rogers TV series featured lots of cool technology. My favorite was the starfighter, as pictured above. I would have been hard-pressed to choose between this and the Star Wars X-wing fighter as my space vehicle of choice in my pre-teen years had I been drafted into a space adventure.

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #40 - Back (Topps, 1979)

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #40 – Back (Topps, 1979)

Despite the cool hardware, circa-1979 Buck Rogers toys never achieved anything near the success of Star Wars toys of the same vintage. I can remember seeing the same Buck Rogers toys on the Toys ‘R’ Us shelves from roughly 1982 through 1987. Though I had an X-wing fighter and many other Star Wars toys, I put off buying that Buck Rogers starfighter until it eventually was too late.

Unfortunately, the second season of the series saw several drastic changes. Buck Rogers morphed into a combination of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. The retooling was a mess and led to a well-deserved cancellation in 1981.

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #84: Gil Gerard As Buck (Topps, 1979)

BUCK ROGERS picture card series #84: Gil Gerard As Buck (Topps, 1979)

I still find the first season of Buck Rogers entertaining, though. The next time I finish a cycle of the original Star Trek series on Blu (still best viewed at 7 PM), I may well have to give Captain Kirk a vacation and watch Buck Rogers on DVD for a slight change of pace.

2 thoughts on “Journey back to 1979 with Topps BUCK ROGERS trading cards

  1. I remember seeing the theatrical version back in 1979 and then buying the comic book version of the movie, reading it over and over again. This post made me want to revisit the series!

    • I’ve never read the comic book adaptation, but the next time I allow myself on eBay (always a danger), I’ll have to look for it.

      I re-watched the entire Buck Rogers series on DVD a few years ago. Not sure I can ever sit through that 2nd season again, but the 1st season was fun as long as you keep in mind the time period. It doesn’t hold up in quite the same timeless way as, say, Star Trek, but it’s still enjoyable.

      I had actually never seen the theatrical version of the Buck Rogers pilot until I saw the DVD set. I had only seen the television version, which is a different edit. Oddly enough, the television edit is not on the season set – just the movie version. The opening credit sequence of the movie version is quite bizarre.

      Thanks for commenting, Thomas!

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