Coming September 4: THE STAR WARS

I’ve lately been keeping an eye on four different Star Wars projects that are in various stages of production:

  • Star Wars: Episode VII film (of course)
  • The Making of Return of the Jedi book
  • Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series
  • The Star Wars comic book mini-series

I’ve been following The Star Wars since Dark Horse Comics first announced it in April.

Making its debut on September 4, the eight-issue comic book series will feature George Lucas’ original 1974 rough draft of The Star Wars, which evolved drastically over the next few years into 1977’s Star Wars.

J.W. Rinzler (The Making of Star Wars) adapted the screenplay for the mini-series, while Mike Mayhew (Avengers) provided the art – often inspired by the film’s original concept drawings and paintings.

See below for the exciting preview trailer.

(Video source: The Star Wars Book Trailer Dark Horse Comicsdarkhorsecomics)