“I just can’t believe it’s me.”

Elvis talks to the media, 1969

Elvis talks to the media, 1969

“Sometimes when I walk into a room at home and see all those gold records hanging round the walls, I think they must belong to another person. Not me. I just can’t believe it’s me.” –Elvis Presley, 1969

Elvis rarely talked about his success. I was inspired to dig this quote up, one of my favorites, based on a twitter conversation I was having this morning with Sheila O’Malley (of the thought-provoking Sheila Variations Blog).

The source of this quote is from a 1969 interview with Elvis by Ray Connolly for the London Evening Standard on the occasion of Elvis’ return to live performances. You can read the full article over on Connolly’s site.

[I do not, however, agree with Connolly’s post-script that Elvis did little but disappoint after 1969. Thomas Melin over at the Elvis Today Blog has previously addressed a similar dismissal by Connolly – and, ironically, pointed to the same Sheila Variations post that helped spark my quote search this morning. The circle continues!]

3 thoughts on ““I just can’t believe it’s me.”

  1. “Little but disappoint”? was Ray Connolly deaf and blind?? Such an ignorant statement!! But history is full of them!!!


    • There’s no accounting for taste. Some people only wanted “their version” of Elvis – the one they thought he should be. The idealized image they had in their heads. When it turned out he wasn’t that, they were disappointed. I prefer the real Elvis, even with his faults.


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