A Man From Elvis Presley Boulevard

The Original Album

From Elvis Presley Boulevard (2012 FTD Edition)The first ten tracks of FTD’s From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee represent the original album that RCA released in May 1976. Recorded at Graceland in February of that year, this album is thematically the saddest ever released by Elvis. It also may be the most honest look at himself ever made available by the man living behind the gates of that home on Elvis Presley Boulevard. Despite the at times overblown production, From Elvis Presley Boulevard is a beautiful and moving album. Highlights include “For The Heart,” “Hurt,” “Never Again,” and “Love Coming Down.”

Today, Elvis is often spoken of as a singles artist rather than an album artist. Part of this comes from the admittedly mishmash quality of some of his albums. RCA had been hauling leftovers out from the vault since the very beginning when it included rejected SUN cuts like “I Love You Because” on the much-lauded Elvis Presley album in 1956. There is no question, though, that From Elvis Presley Boulevard two decades later is a coherent album through and through. In fact, the twenty years that separate the albums Elvis Presley and From Elvis Presley Boulevard are quite evident – which is a good thing. Elvis did not devolve into an Oldies act looking to recapture past glories by singing the same types of songs over and over.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with you Troy, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee is a beautiful album, with Elvis sharing his innermost feelings with the listener. It is indeed a moving experience. And just like you, I’ve found comfort in listening to it. Finally; great review over at Elvis Australia!


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