Happy Elvis Day 2012

Elvis rehearsing in 1970

Today is the 77th anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley. Celebrate it well!

* * *

Time sure does fly. It was back to work last week, and now it will be back to school this week. If all goes well, this should be my last semester. Though I have enjoyed the experience, it will be nice to have the time back to do other things – such as write.

I did manage to find some time to read during my winter break, including one book about Elvis that I hope to review soon.

We have also started the process of cleaning out a spare bedroom. It has been accumulating assorted items for the nine years we’ve lived here, so it is in dire need.

I found something fun in there yesterday – an archive of newsletters that I created for an official Elvis fan club that I ran from 1992-1997. I was 16-years-old when I started that fan club on January 8, 1992.

As I’ve said before, the “club” was really just an excuse to create a newsletter about Elvis. That means I’ve now been writing about him for twenty years, unbelievable.

I released the first issue of that newsletter in March 1992, so I’m planning to share some of that content with you beginning in March of this year. It is funny to see how my writing and opinions have changed (or not) since that time.

* * *

Have a fantastic Elvis Day, everyone!

Elvis – thanks for the music.

16 thoughts on “Happy Elvis Day 2012

    • Thanks, Thomas. I celebrated Elvis Day by watching Follow That Dream. It’d been a long time since I’d seen it. It was okay by Elvis movie standards. Pretty bad by normal standards, unfortunately. A couple of good numbers in it, at least.


  1. I don’t normally read blogs as about 99% of them are about girls moaning about their ‘sad lives’. But obviously when you find something you’re interested in to read about it’s great, and this has truly been an experience for me!

    77 years old!! Can you imagine how knackered Elvis would look if he was still alive!! Unreal.


    • This has been a lot of fun for me, too. It’s great being able to interact with fellow fans.

      If Elvis had lived to 77, he would’ve had to clean up his act to get there. He’d probably look good for his age, if he had been able to do that. We’ll never know, though.


    • I didn’t have as much time as I would’ve liked this year, but Elvis Day is usually one of my favorite days. Though it is not the best movie, watching Follow That Dream reminded me that Elvis literally did follow his dream. “Every dream I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times.”


  2. Happy Elvis Day to all! My man gave us so much, didn’t he?

    On his birthday I like to forget the sad stuff and focus on the great. For example:
    “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” I’ve been listening to today — breathtaking.

    Elvis Week – perfect way to start the year.


    • Yes, it’s always nice to roll from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day to Elvis Day. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” is certainly one of his greatest performances. I especially love the August 12, 1970, Midnight Show version from the That’s The Way It Is 3-CD set where he does the reprise.


  3. Happy Birthday Elvis! 77 Yrs. Old and still the Undisputed King!! Great blog Troy! And Happy Elvis Day to all fans of The King!! Miss You EL!! TCB!! Keep the train rollin’ Troy!


  4. Troy, don’t get me started on “Follow That Dream”, I could go on forever. My family and I watched it this week and I was reminded how good it is. If “Jailhouse Rock”, “King Creole” and “Blue Hawaii” are alone in the Top Tier, “FTD” is certainly Second Tier. It contains some really good comedy. It’s also a rare chance to see Elvis act – I mean, portray a character instead of just himself. “What a Wonderful Life” is one of my top five movie songs. It also has the title track, some great location shooting, Mr. Endicott, Canadian Jack Kruschen, Joanna Moore (despite her hair) and the great ‘loaded with pressure’ running gag. And watch the courtroom scene again: easily among Elvis’ best scenes.


    • I agree on the courtroom scene. I only wish the rest of the movie was of that quality. The film also has a good look to it. The Florida location shooting helped.


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