Elvis sells out the Richmond Coliseum one more time

Elvis Presley sold out the Richmond Coliseum all four times that he appeared there. In 1974, he even did it twice. Tickets for his March 12 show disappeared so quickly that the tour was re-routed to accommodate a second show at the Coliseum on March 18.

The added show is featured on the CD Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis, a new release from Sony’s Follow That Dream collectors label for Elvis fans. More than 37 years after this concert, Elvis has sold out Richmond once again.

Not long after release just weeks ago, Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis: Recorded Live On Stage In Richmond, Virginia – March 18, 1974 sold out and went on backorder status at Elvis Australia‘s Elvis Presley Shop, Graceland’s Shop Elvis, and other retailers.

“Definitely this has been a big seller,” said Elvis Australia’s David Troedson. “[It is] appealing to new buyers, not just those that buy FTD CDs.” He states more copies are already on the way to fill the demand.

Elvis at the Richmond Coliseum, March 18, 1974 (FTD)

Elvis at the Richmond Coliseum, March 18, 1974 (FTD)

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2 thoughts on “Elvis sells out the Richmond Coliseum one more time

  1. I have not rushed out and bought this. Instead I put it on my daughters Xmas shopping list. I thought it would be interesting to listen to it alongside the Thats The Way It Is concert, Madison Square Garden, Aloha From Hawaii and Recorded Live at the Mid South etc. The review though because of Xmas will not be until next year. It will be late but it will be in-depth. I am hoping someone will still be interested then.


    • Looking forward to reading your review in 2012, Howard. As far as timeliness, I wouldn’t worry about that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read reviews on various sites years after the fact to help me make a buying decision.


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