48 Hours To Memphis delayed as more details emerge on sound

Elvis Australia reports a couple of updates about 48 Hours To Memphis, which captures the March 18, 1974, Elvis concert at the Richmond Coliseum in Virginia. As previously noted, Sony’s Follow That Dream collectors label for Elvis fans is releasing the CD in an oversized, 7-inch digipack that includes a 16-page booklet with photographs from the show. However, the release timeframe has now moved to mid-October.

“Due to a change in FTD’s manufacturing situation, the release date may change [again] but October 11-13 is [the] target date,” indicated Elvis Australia’s David Troedson on the For Elvis CD Collectors forum.

Such delays are common for FTD, but the bigger story reported by Elvis Australia is that the Richmond concert will be released in mono sound. Though the article refers to the CD as a soundboard, it notes that the original source “must have been a full professional 16-track multi track recording.”

Perhaps, someday, someone will find and make a proper stereo release of this mythical 16-track recording – if it ever existed. Until then, there is only this mono tape which may or may not have been derived from it.

I’m still excited about hearing a Richmond Elvis concert for the first time, but this highlights yet again what a poor job FTD does at communicating. After 12 years of releases, there is still no FTD website – which would be an ideal location for the team to share full, official details about their releases.

FTD releases are available from various online stores. They originate in Denmark and then ship to retailers, so there is sometimes a two or three week delay after the release date before the CDs arrive to those of us in the US.

Read more about Elvis in Richmond.

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  1. here is a sound sample from that cd

    and this is from Elvis Express Radio complete Steamroller blues


    I like it a lot


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