This will be a day long remembered

Today, after four days of waiting, the United States joins the rest of the world. Star Wars: The Complete Saga is finally available on Blu-ray here. It hit shelves in the rest of the world on Monday.

Star Wars creator George Lucas, who also directed four of the six movies, first announced the Blu-ray release back on August 14 of last year.

Make that 398 days of waiting. Not that I was counting.

The nine-disc set is full of bonus features. There are also separate sets available for the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy. However, those sets contain only three discs each, meaning that those who choose that option will miss out on most of the bonus features.

As Lucas also announced last year, the original trilogy Blu-rays, whether in the separate set or the saga set, are actually “special edition” versions of the films, not the original theatrical cuts. In fact, all six movies are actually 2011 edits – including some controversial new changes. However, this should still be the best presentation of these movies ever available to experience at home.

I thought I had my viewing sequence all worked out the other day, but I have now found another potential order that I may use instead – which I noted in an update at the end of the “From Saga Order To Tarantino Style” post.

For more information on the Star Wars Blu-rays, see’s The Complete Saga On Blu-ray section.