No… no… that’s not true… that’s impossible!

None other than The New York Times today confirmed a troubling Star Wars story that first leaked Tuesday.

The upcoming Blu-ray release will include a completely unnecessary alteration to the climax of the entire Star Wars saga (“Lucasfilm Confirms Change to Blu-ray Release of ‘Return of the Jedi’” — The New York Times).

The fact that Star Wars creator George Lucas has tinkered with the films again is hardly surprising. To make such a horrible change to one of the most crucial scenes in the saga is shocking and sad, however.

Fans vocally hated a similar Vader moment at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Is this just a reminder from Lucas to fans that Star Wars is his baseball? If the game does not go his way, he will take his ball and go home.

I am still getting the Star Wars Blu-ray set. This deal is getting worse all the time, but I just do not have the willpower to back out. I am riding this Star Wars roller-coaster until the end.