All shook up

Hey, wait a second, I thought I lived on the East Coast for a reason. We are not supposed to get earthquakes here. Not real ones, anyway.

The epicenter of today’s 5.8 magnitude quake was only 40 miles away from Richmond. Let me tell you, I felt all 5.8 of it.

Fortunately, there was no damage at the house. Downstairs, a couple of pictures are slightly crooked now. Then again, they may have always been that way. I am not the best at hanging things. I have a history.

Up here on the second level, the quake definitely moved this picture in my office. My wife just gave me this last year for Christmas. I am glad I did not find it smashed.

Earthquake shakes up Elvis

Earthquake shakes up Elvis

I have never felt anything like that before in my life.

Meanwhile, we await the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Maybe I should reconsider this whole East Coast thing.