Space: An Elvis Odyssey

Thomas Melin over at the Elvis Today Blog asks readers what song they would choose to be woken up to if they were flying in space for NASA (“Hound Dog Most Played Elvis Song In Space” — Elvis Today Blog). NASA’s astronaut wake-up songs are a tradition dating back to the mid-1960s. As Thomas notes, the most played Elvis song for astronauts is “Hound Dog.”

As much as I love Elvis, I have to admit that I would pick the classic Star Trek theme as my wake-up song. As for Elvis songs, it definitely would not be “Hound Dog.” That would not even make the long list, much less the short one.

Maybe something like “If I Can Dream,” or even “Follow That Dream” — because surely I would feel like I was dreaming if I were fortunate enough to be there.

Thomas is also the author of The Elvis Today Blog, a book that shares his thoughts and insights on Elvis, available now from Blurb.