Roustabout – worth a second look?

Paul Simpson’s terrific “Why Roustabout remains a cult classic” post over at Elvis Australia today reminded me that it has been eons since I’ve seen Roustabout. Probably not since the days that the local UHF channel WRLH-TV 35 used to show a couple of Elvis movies seemingly every Saturday – back when I was a kid in the 1980s. They also showed monster movies and Tarzan movies on Saturdays. Somehow, it all worked and helped make for an entertaining childhood. I’m gonna have to find a copy of Roustabout somewhere and check it out. Maybe I’ll find a monster movie while I’m at it. The good ol’ days!

2 thoughts on “Roustabout – worth a second look?

    • Nice post, Thomas. I’ve not found Roustabout at a reasonable price yet. I like to pay less than $10 US for these kinds of movies.

      I am looking forward to watching Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas on Blu, though! I think Elvis is in that one, too, but I never seem to notice…


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