Elvis Sings The Spooktacular World Of Halloween

Elvis’ two Christmas albums were among the strongest of his career, but what if he had assembled an album of spookier-themed cuts? You’ve just crossed over into . . . the edge of reality.

Elvis' Halloween Album

Elvis' Halloween Album

Elvis’ Halloween Album

Side A
Devil In Disguise
Mystery Train
Dark Moon
How The Web Was Woven
City By Night

Side B
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Blue Moon
It’s Midnight
Edge Of Reality

14 thoughts on “Elvis Sings The Spooktacular World Of Halloween

  1. Possibles for the next instalment:- Elvis Halloween Vol 2.

    A Side:

    Adam and Evil
    Sweet Sweet Spirit
    Wolf Call
    You Better Run

    B Side:

    Cold Cold Heart
    Hard Luck
    One Night of Sin
    Poison Ivy League
    Such a Night

    Cheers Ray


    • Hey Ray,

      I didn’t see your comment at first because WordPress marked it as spam for some reason. I’m going to have to check that spam folder more often, because it auto-deletes after a couple of days I think. Anyway, good list as a follow-up album.

      I can’t remember “Cold, Cold Heart,” though. What album is that from?

      Thanks for posting.


      PS: Can you imagine the backlash if Elvis had really included inspirational songs on a Halloween album back then?


  2. Now, that’s a spooky idea!

    How about including “Night Rider” and “Wolf Call”?

    And what about “Pumpkin On A String”? Nah, just kidding!

    Happy Halloween, Troy!


    • No joke, Thomas – my initial list was 12 songs which I scaled down to 10 to fit within the confines of a circa-1973 album release. The two songs I dropped? “Night Rider” and “Wolf Call.” Unbelievable!


      • Actually, the first list was 13 songs… I also dropped “Love Me Tender/Witchcraft” – his live duet with Frank Sinatra. Mostly because “Love Me Tender” just doesn’t work on a Halloween release.


  3. OOps sorry, I thought there was a Cold Cold Heart on the Million Dollar Quartet Album?, but there isn’t. Oh how the memory fails…. and I’m only 44. So scratch that and we’ll run with Thomas’ Night Rider from the “Pot Luck Album”.

    Cheers Ray


    • I did some digging after you mentioned “Million Dollar Quartet” and found “Cold, Cold Heart” on a Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends duets album from the late 1970s. I wonder if that is what you were remembering?

      The “Elvis” voice in this case was actually Jimmy Ellis/Orion. In his Orion persona, Jimmy Ellis wore a mask – which kind of fits our Halloween theme. Maybe we’ll keep it on as a non-Elvis bonus track for an expanded CD edition?


  4. I bought the single “Save The Last Dance For Me” from the Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends duet album in the 80’s and almost thought it was the real thing, until I learned about Orion. So with the mask it’s a given concerning the Halloween theme. Also, might I suggest another bonus song for the expanded CD edition: “There’s A Fire Down Below” (instrumental track only).


  5. Good dig Troy, I remember Jerry Lee and just figured it was the Quartet session. Like your Choice of Fire Down Below Thomas.Hey subject change: what happened to Viva Elvis in the UK apparently didn’t rate? Wonder what that was about?
    Market Campaign, No interest? I thought it had a big push behind it?


    • Wow, pretty amazing that you two were able to come up with both a Volume II LP an expanded CD version with bonus tracks for an imaginary album. Good job Ray and Thomas.

      As for Viva Elvis, I can’t really speak towards the UK marketing efforts. Here in the US, I’ve seen next to nothing about it outside of Elvis circles. I’m hoping that will change in the next week or two as the album hits stores.


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