The ultimate computer? My iMac adventure begins

Yesterday, at about 9:30 PM, I entered a new universe of computer technology. I have been drooling over Apple’s 27-inch iMac for several months now, but was hesitant to actually buy one due to various production issues.

When reports of those issues diminished and Apple refreshed its iMac line last week, I knew it was finally time to pounce.

I unpacked and installed the iMac in just minutes and was soon enjoying my new system. I probably should have filmed it or given a speech or something, for it really was a momentous occasion after waiting so long and resisting the urge to just buy another Windows-based computer.

Honestly, I am bored with Windows, and this represents something that is truly new and refreshing. Out of all of the computers I have ever owned, this is the first one that really gave me a Star Trek feel. I can even talk to it, much like on the show, though I find it much easier and more quaint to just use the keyboard.

Though I will obviously have some adjustments to make after being a Windows user for so long (it is Command-C, not Control-C, now for Copy), I can say that so far it has gone extremely well. I have never been this thrilled with a computer purchase before.

Goodbye, Windows. So long, Dell!