And they would’ve gotten away with it, too

Good evening,

Recently, I have been watching season 2 of the original Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The Hitchcock anthology series was a lot like the subsequent Twilight Zone series, except it leaned more towards the realistic rather than supernatural.

The funny thing about the Hitchcock series, though – many of which involve murder – is that if the killer is not caught in the course of the episode, poor Alfred Hitchcock always seems to mention in his closing narration that he or she was later caught and punished for the crime. Even if the entire point of the episode was to show the cleverness of the criminal.

More than likely, 1950s-era network executives forced these righteous endings upon the series. They were probably horrified to see how many episodes did not resolve the fate of the killer, making it appear the perpetrator had gotten away with the crime.

I will be curious to see in later seasons if Hitch is able to ease up on revealing the fate of the killer each time.

This concludes our story. You will be happy to know that no one was harmed during the writing of this post.