Superman Begins?

Rumors about a new Superman movie are heating up again. There are far too many “might’s,” “maybe’s,” and “reportedly’s” in these articles for my tastes, but it is fun to speculate.

The big news this week is that Warner Brothers may task Christopher Nolan, the director and driving force behind Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, to re-launch the Superman film franchise.

Nolan apparently will not be directing the Superman film, though, for he is also plotting his third Batman installment.

Should this news pan out, I am definitely pleased with the choice. Nolan’s two Batman films prove that he knows how to bring comic book legends to the big screen in a way that pleases existing fans and creates new ones. My hope is that the timing will turn out to be just right so that he can sit in the director’s chair, too.

I remain a huge fan of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006), starring Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel. I still feel that had a quality sequel to that movie been released around 2009, it could have been as successful as The Dark Knight.

However, that argument is really a moot point four years after Superman Returns hit theaters. Starting a sequel to Superman Returns now would mean that it would not likely hit theaters until 2012 or 2013 – six or seven years after its predecessor. At that point, it would essentially be a re-launch anyway.

I have turned the corner. Bring on a new vision, a new creative team, and new actors.