What on Earth is DC Comics up to now?

One of my favorite blogs out there in cyberland is Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin. This guy manages to crank out a post every single day – making the rest of us bloggers look like complete slackers by comparison. Me, I am happy with myself if I am able to even generate one post a week.

Anyway, on Tuesday, this Progressive Ruin post caught my attention. In 2010, DC will begin releasing two new graphic novel series, Superman: Earth One and Batman: Earth One. The origins of both characters will be retold in a new timeline that stands alone from the rest of the DC universe and its associated continuity (what the Trekkie in me calls “canon”). There will be two volumes of each title a year, and all of the stories will be original – rather than compiled from the weekly books.

While perhaps not that exciting to those who buy comics every week, this development is of huge interest to me, a casual consumer of comic books. I am mainly a fan of Superman through the movies, but I pick up and enjoy the occasional graphic novel. After Superman Returns came out, I even followed the monthly Action Comics and Superman titles for a couple of years. My favorite was definitely the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank run on Action.

That is why I was a little disappointed at first to see that Johns and Frank are on the Batman title rather than the Superman one, which instead is being helmed by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis. It is not that I dislike Batman, but that I have always been a Superman guy. In fact, now that I think about it, though I count Batman Begins and The Dark Knight among my favorite movies, I have never once bought a Batman comic or graphic novel. Not only that, but I have never even thought about buying one. Why would I buy a Batman comic when I have not yet read every Superman story?

With no Superman or Batman movies currently in the works, at least I have a couple of new adventures to look forward to in 2010. Who knows, maybe Batman: Earth One will show me that I was wrong all these years and should have been following the Bat instead of the Last Son of Krypton.