REVIEW: Star Trek: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Electronic Starship – HD Edition (Diamond Select/Art Asylum)

Star Trek
USS Enterprise NCC-1701, HD Edition
Electronic starship (Diamond Select/Art Asylum)

Diamond Select/Art Asylum's Star Trek USS Enterprise HD, Photo 4
A toy that leaves the eternal 8-year-old nearly speechless? This is the Enterprise. I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking here.

Diamond Select/Art Asylum's Star Trek USS Enterprise HD, Photo 1
Above is an iconic angle of the Enterprise, which the toy reproduces quite nicely. If only I had set this up against a blue-screen and replaced the background with a field of stars.

Diamond Select/Art Asylum's Star Trek USS Enterprise HD, Photo 3
Detailing here on this over 15-inch long ship is incredible. This is the “HD Edition” of the Enterprise, meaning it is based on the computer generated model used in the remastered episodes-as seen on Star Trek: Remastered and released this year on Blu-ray. In other words, we now have a physical toy of a virtual ship. To my knowledge, this is also the first piece of Star Trek: Remastered merchandise, beyond release of the shows themselves.

One big, happy fleet
Above, I’ve lined up all three of my NCC-1701s: the original/HD version, the refit/Star Trek II version, and the Star Trek 2009 movie version. Though fun, the Star Trek 2009 movie version is from Playmates toys and not really in the same league as the Diamond Select/Art Asylum ones. Not pictured is my Enterprise-A, lurking nearby.

Diamond Select/Art Asylum's Star Trek USS Enterprise HD, Photo 5
Diamond Select has actually released an original series Enterprise before. I avoided purchasing that one when I saw reviews mentioning that the bottom of the primary hull (saucer section) had three or four large screw caps that destroyed the look of the ship. No such problem in this version, as you can see above.

To activate sound and lighting effects, press the bridge dome. There appear to be six sound variations in all:

· Kirk: “This is Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets.”
· Kirk: “James Kirk, commanding the starship Enterprise.”
· Kirk: “Mr. Scott, ready the transporter room.”
· Photon attack
· Kirk: “Energize.” (Transporter)
· Warp drive

The box mentions two more sound effects that never seem to play: red alert and phaser attack. I am not too concerned about the missing sound effects, though. What more than makes up for them is pressing and holding the bridge for five seconds runs the lights continuously without the sound effects, until you press the bridge again. Other than over-zealous running lights that blink too fast, the lights are terrific. The attention to detail in the warp engine nacelle caps is unbelievable.

This version also comes with a much improved base design compared to the Enterprise-A and the Star Trek II Enterprise. They really thought of everything for this ship. For this price point, this is the easily the best the Enterprise has ever looked. I have never been so thrilled with a starship replica. Kudos to Diamond Select/Art Asylum for their greatest work yet on a true starship legend.

Overall: 10 (out of 10)

Diamond Select/Art Asylum's Star Trek USS Enterprise HD, Photo 2