Save the Chicken Cordon Bleu!

I usually try not to get too political here on The Film Frontier. In these tough economic times, though, there is one pressing issue for which I cannot remain on the sidelines.

Not being a huge fan of roast beef sandwiches, I rarely visited Arby’s until about 14 years ago. A co-worker suggested that I try their Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich.

I was dubious that a sandwich combination consisting of chicken breast, roast ham, and Swiss cheese would be edible. Boy, was I wrong. I fell in love with that sandwich, which goes perfect with honey mustard. Every time I have been to Arby’s since then, I have ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

For fast food, Arby’s is more than a little pricey. On Wednesday night, I decided to stop by and treat myself to dinner there on the way to class. The drive-thru conversation went like this:

Perky, pre-recorded message: “Hello, Welcome to Arby’s! Would you like a combo, and do you have any coupons today?”

Not-so-perky, live Arby’s employee: “Can I take your order?”

Troy (pleasant): “Yes, I’d like one grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu, waffle fries, and a large Coke.”

Arby’s employee (bored): “Chicken Cordon Bleu was a limited time offer.”

Troy (confused): “Limited time? I’ve been ordering it for 14 years.”

Arby’s employee (sleepy): “We rolled out a new menu on Monday. The Cordon Bleu is off.”

Troy (annoyed): “Never mind, then. I don’t want anything.”

Arby’s employee: “…”

So I drove across the street to Chick-fil-A, where everything is much more reasonably-priced. I vote with my wallet, you see.

Unfortunately, Arby’s has always treated the Chicken Cordon Bleu as a redheaded stepchild. Though you could usually buy it at a combo meal price if you asked, the sandwich never officially appeared as a combo selection. This means that many people likely overlooked it.

As for the new Arby’s menu, Roastburger sandwiches do not interest me. In fact, they look disgusting. Arby’s, you have just lost a 14-year customer.

All is apparently not lost for the Chicken Cordon Bleu, though. The Arby’s site notes that the sandwich is only “available at participating locations.” That means that out there, somewhere, there are some Arby’s that continue to sell their best menu item ever. Once I find them, those are the only Arby’s that will get my money. Otherwise, they are “off the list.”

Now, I urge you to stand with me against this tyranny. Save the Chicken Cordon Bleu, save the world!