Elvis 70, Super Bowl 43

As a final word on Super Bowl XLIII, there was one more commercial I forgot to mention last time. Now, as I said before, I missed out on seeing the Star Trek commercial, but one ad I was not even looking for caught my eye – or, rather, my ear.

Check out the Coke Classic Avatar commercial over on NFL.com. Coca-Cola is simply the best beverage ever invented, but, unless you’re an Elvis fan, you may not recognize the upbeat tune playing in the background of this one. It is a cover of “Stranger In The Crowd,” one of my favorite songs.

Written by Winfield Scott, this mostly-forgotten 1970 album cut first appeared on Elvis-That’s The Way It Is. Scott also co-wrote “Return To Sender,” among others, but for my money, “Stranger In The Crowd” is Scott’s masterpiece. You can read an interview with Scott over on Elvis.com.

Some of my fellow Elvis fans were upset that his version was not used, but I happen to like this new version as well. I checked around and found that the Coke version was recorded by Cee-Lo Green, of Gnarls Barkley. Amazon.com has it available as an MP3 download. It is only 99 cents, so I am downloading it as we speak.

* * *

Wow, what a great song! The Cee-Lo version has a lot more of the Elvis feel in the background than I was expecting. So, a Coke commercial inspired me, an Elvis fan, to purchase my first Cee-Lo Green song. I can tell you, it will not be the last, either.

“Stranger In The Crowd” by Elvis is also available on Amazon.com for only 99 cents. Perhaps that same commercial will inspire a Cee-Lo fan out there somewhere to download his or her first Elvis song.