Star Trek XI, Super Bowl XLIII

I must admit, I missed the Star Trek promo that apparently aired during the Super Bowl yesterday. I watched the entire game, but usually did not pay much attention to the commercials. At $3,000,000 a pop, I am sure that is not what Paramount or any of the other sponsors want to hear.

I can remember back in the day when Super Bowls were almost universally boring – unless your team happened to be playing. It seemed like most of the games when I was growing up were blowouts.

Traditionally, if I do not have a team in a game, I tend to root for the underdog. My team has not been to the big game for nearly twenty years, so I was rooting for the Cardinals yesterday. I thought they were going to pull off an upset over the Steelers to nearly rival last year’s surprise victory of the Giants over the Patriots, but alas it was not to be.

Anyway, I checked out that Super Bowl promo for the eleventh Star Trek movie online. Talk about high octane! This definitely looks like it will be one of the most action-packed Treks ever.

One of the best parts about this TV spot is seeing two key characters meet for the first time, reminiscent of a similar moment in the Star Wars: Episode I preview between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Courtesy of Paramount, check out the ad for yourself below. Star Trek opens May 8.

[Update: Well, folks, looks like the Paramount file doesn’t pre-load very well, so if you have a slower connection like me, you won’t get to see the whole promo. Here’s a link to a smaller version of the Star Trek ad over at]

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