Check out Gemini Division, coming August 18

When I first checked out NBC’s new Sci Fi/Thriller Gemini Division and saw that it was an online series, my initial reaction was, “Oh no, not another cheesy online series.” However, I decided to watch the preview and behind-the-scenes videos for you anyway, silent readers.

It turns out that nothing looks cheesy about Gemini Division, especially Rosario Dawson (Grindhouse, Sin City). She stars as a New York police officer who finds herself in the middle of a struggle between Gemini Division (a secret NATO agency) and a group of artificial life forms known as Simulants, apparent terrorists.

Dawson also serves as Executive Producer of the series, which Brent Friedman (Dark Skies, Twilight Zone [2002], Star Trek: Enterprise) created.

Here is a preview video for Gemini Division.
[Video Source: Shankar Gupta, 360i]

Check out Gemini Division‘s official site, where you can find more videos. One of the behind-the-scenes videos described the web series as more of a hybrid of graphic novels, anime, and traditional animation in the form of green screens combined with live-action, rather than a TV series or a film. The same video noted that Gemini Division is about “action, adventure, and sexiness” all set in a futuristic environment. Okay, okay, I am sold. I will be watching!

Gemini Division begins airing online August 18. Episodes are less than seven minutes long and will air each weekday. Gemini Division is scheduled to run 50 episodes, but I am sure the possibility of great success has been factored in and it could be extended (or renewed for another online “season” as the case may be).