Superman Returns II; Get Smart; Trek nostalgia (News from the frontier, 4/30/2008)

Brandon Routh talks Superman Returns sequel
As reported on just about every Superman site recently, nabbed an exclusive interview with Brandon Routh, star of 2006’s Superman Returns. Routh promoted his latest film, Lie to Me, but also talked about director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns sequel.

“I expect that we’ll be working early next year [on the Superman Returns sequel]. I know that Bryan [. . .] is zeroing in on the story that he wants to tell. Once that arrives it’s going to move pretty quickly,” Routh said.

As on previous interviews, he repeated that he hopes this movie will involve more action for Superman against a powerful villain. “Certainly also, I’d like more humor from Clark or just more of Clark and Jimmy. A little bit more of Lois and Clark, how we used to see them, a bit more of buddies,” he said. Be sure to read the entire interview over on

Sounds like Routh, who I found impressive as both Superman and Clark, is on the right track. I’m just glad to see Singer’s sequel back on the front burner and all of this distracting Justice League movie business out of the way for now.

Anne Hathaway on Get Smart
My most anticipated movie of the year, Get Smart, stars Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway as 99, taking over roles made famous by Don Adams and Barbara Feldon on the 1965-1970 TV series. SCI FI Wire continues its excellent coverage of Get Smart today, releasing interviews with Carell and Hathaway from a visit to the set last year.

“And I kick a little ass for three more days,” Hathaway said during SCI FI Wire’s set visit. “For me, at least, it’s a three-part fight sequence. And the first part, I’d lost my gun in an earlier scene, so it’s hand-to-hand combat. [. . .] My favorite bit is, like, I get to run up a wall and turn around and punch him.” Read the full article over on SCI FI Wire.

Get Smart hits theaters on June 20.

Trek to the past with vintage ad
Finally, check out this vintage Star Trek merchandise ad on Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin blog (always one of my favorite reads). The ad is from 1978, during simpler times for Trek. There was just one show, just one crew, and just one cast. Even Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with its associated bevy of merchandise, was still another year away. I remember most of these products still popping up in various magazines and catalogs in the mid-1980s. Thanks for the welcome trip down memory lane!