Deal or No Deal goes Star Wars

Mark your calendars, fellow Star Wars fans. On Monday, April 28, from 8 to 10 PM Eastern, NBC will air a special Star Wars edition of its ever-popular game show Deal or No Deal, starring Howie Mandel. Two Star Wars fans will battle it out in a “winner take all” variation of the game. In one segment, the models will be replaced by Imperial stormtroopers.

The models return in another segment, dressed in “Slave Leia” style outfits from Return of the Jedi. Shankar Gupta over at 360i was kind enough to send over a clip of the ladies. Check it out over at the official NBC site.

I wonder if it’s cheating to use old Jedi mind tricks on Deal or No Deal? Something like this. . . .

Howie Now let’s open your case to see if you’ve made a good deal.

Troy (waving hand): You don’t need to see my case.

Howie (mesmerized): I don’t need to see your case.

Troy (waving hand): I have the million dollar case you’re looking for.

Howie (still mesmerized): You have the million dollar case we’re looking for!

Troy (waving hand): And the ladies are all going home with me.

Howie (Snapping out of it): I don’t think so. Besides, they happen to like nice men. Sara, open the case.

(Sara opens the case, revealing $0.01)

Troy: This deal’s getting worse all the time!

Be sure to watch Deal or No Deal on Monday, where one of the real contestants will hopefully make a better deal than this one.