Superman Returns II; Buck Rogers comic; Incredible Hulk trailer (News from the frontier, 3/14/2008)

Happy Friday, everyone. This week, some great news about the sequel to Superman Returns, the return of Buck Rogers, and a look at The Incredible Hulk.

Bryan Singer still attached to Superman Returns sequel
Superman Returns was one of the top ten US moneymakers of the year in 2006. With a domestic gross of $200 million, it raked in more at the box office than Casino Royale, The Pursuit of Happyness, Talladega Nights, Mission: Impossible III, and other certified “hits.” Worldwide, it made nearly twice that.

Throwing aside the numbers, Bryan Singer’s film was a masterpiece and one of the best comic book to film adaptations ever. Right up there with 1979’s Superman, 2002’s Spider-man, and 2005’s Batman Begins.

Yet, as pointed out by Josh Tyler over at Cinema Blend, there is an odd misconception out there that Superman Returns was a flop. This has given rise to rumors over the last year or so that Bryan Singer will not return to direct the sequel and that Brandon Routh, who did an incredible job both as Clark Kent and Superman, would also be ousted.

After a lot of silence on the issue, Singer recently talked to Empire Online and confirmed that he is working on the sequel. This is no guarantee that the movie will actually be made, of course, but it is a bit of hope. The world needs Superman, and Singer has given us some faith that we will not have to wait another 19 years to see him again.

The return of Buck Rogers
Though best known to my generation from the 1979-1981 television series, the character of Buck Rogers actually dates back to the late 1920s. He first appeared in two novellas and then a newspaper comic strip. Since then, he has appeared in radio shows, movie serials, role-playing games, video games, and other formats. Like Superman, Buck Rogers was once a media empire. Over the last couple of decades, other than a DVD release of the TV series, Buck Rogers seems to have all but disappeared.

Fortunately, that is about to change. Dynamite Entertainment recently licensed the character and is working on a comic book series. The legendary Alex Ross will be involved in character designs and contribute the first cover. The licensing agreement will also allow for collections of classic material, prints and posters, action figures, trading cards, statues, and other collectibles.

No word yet on the release date. More information will likely be revealed at the San Diego ComicCon.

Incredible Hulk preview trailer online
Earlier this week, MTV premiered a preview trailer for The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler.

The Incredible Hulk is wisely distancing itself from 2003’s Hulk, which starred Eric Bana. Due to the first movie, Incredible Hulk has mostly been off my radar. What interested me about this trailer, though, is it appears to be tying in some elements of the 1977-1982 television series.

I do not read the Hulk comics, so the TV series is how I best know the character. (One of the best quotes ever: “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”) Hulk, who was a laughable pinhead in 2003, looks a lot more convincing this time around as well.

Will this Hulk be incredible? Find out on June 13.

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