Star Trek XI, Superman Reborn, Groundhog Day (News from the frontier, 2/2/2008)

It’s Groundhog Day!!!! And just in time for the most underrated holiday since Arbor Day, a 15th Anniversary edition of the Bill Murray/Andie MacDowell comedy arrived on store shelves earlier this week. People seem to either love or hate Groundhog Day. For me, it’s Murray’s best movie. Much better than Ghostbusters, which was only memorable because of the Ray Parker, Jr., theme song.

Oh, good morning, folks. I’ve got a ton of links for you, so on with the show.

Official Star Trek movie site brings new features online
The official site for this year’s Star Trek movie (AKA Star Trek XI) has added some new features over the last several days.

For fellow webmasters of entertainment and/or Star Trek related sites, a new webmaster program allows access to and use of various official content on your site. I’ve signed up for this, which will allow me to post some interesting photos and other content here in the months leading up to the release of the film.

Don’t worry, I’ll continue to call things as I see them – though I must admit, things are looking pretty darn near perfect for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie so far. The production team and cast appear to have the right mindsets in their approach to the film, so hopefully this will translate into a great entertainment experience.

For those of you with sites that would like to join the webmaster program, click the “Join The Webmaster Program” link over at the official site.

Another new feature on the official movie site, this one for all fans, is a link to the Forums. There, you can discuss (read: argue about) any number of topics with fellow Star Trek fans — everything from life to the universe to, oh yeah, the new Star Trek movie. To access this, go to the official site and click the “Forums” link. You may even see a post or two there from yours truly, but don’t let that stop you from visiting.

Finally, the official site also has a new link to Star Trek‘s Facebook page. I will admit my old age here and mention that I only have a vague notion of what Facebook is. I take it that it is some kind of social networking site, along the lines of Myspace. You are not likely to find me there in the near future, so that’s at least one reason to visit, right? To access this, click the “Become a Fan on Facebook” link on the official site.

One more cool thing you can check out on the site are the international versions of the teaser trailer that I told you about a couple weeks ago. To access the different versions, click on the country flags near the bottom of the main page. talks to Star Trek producer
The official Star Wars site recently posted an interview with Bryan Burk, executive producer of this year’s Star Trek movie as well as Cloverfield, the recent horror hit. No mention of Star Trek in the story, but Burk does talk about his love for Star Wars and other great films.

“Early on when I saw Star Wars I wanted to know more and more about that universe. It was such a fulfilling experience that it left me wanting to immerse myself in not only that movie, but in making movies. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg heavily influenced my childhood. Movies like Star Wars, Jaws, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. and The Empire Strikes Back defined the movies I loved and wanted to make.”

Once again, I must state that Star Trek appears to be in great hands.

Superman Cinema leaves fans to wonder what might have been
The Superman Cinema site has unearthed a pretty cool exclusive, the circa. early-1990s script for Superman Reborn–which might have inspired Christopher Reeve to portray the Man of Steel one last time if the film had ever made it off the ground. The script makes for an interesting read, and is one of the many Superman V projects that stalled out before Bryan Singer revived the franchise with 2006’s Superman Returns. Check out the Superman Reborn script over on Superman Cinema.

And the rest
That’s all the time I have this morning, but are some other interesting links from around the web.

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· Cleveland considers how to celebrate Superman
· Star Wars Merch Circa 1979
· Tinkering with Speed Racer and Star Trek (interview with Giacchino, composer for this year’s Star Trek [hopefully he will channel Horner and not Goldsmith])
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· The Smurfs Smurf To DVD
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