Experience Star Trek: The Menagerie in theaters tonight

Through the magic of Star Trek: Remastered, the three most important actors in Star Trek history are back together tonight. For the first time in sixteen years, fans will be able to see William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley at movie theaters in their iconic roles of Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Spock, and Dr. Leonard H. McCoy.

To promote the release of the first season HD DVD/DVD combo set next week, select theaters are showing Star Trek: The Menagerie–the Remastered version of the 1966 two-part episode. Due to higher than expected ticket demand for tonight’s screening, two additional showings have been added for November 15.

The special presentation will also include a thirty-minute look at the making of Star Trek: Remastered and an introduction by Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr., son of Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel, among other Trek roles) and the late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

For more information, check out StarTrek.com. For a listing of theaters and to buy tickets, go to fathomevents.com.

Two more DVD sets are in the works to cover the remaining seasons. Since Star Trek: The Menagerie is obviously a huge success, I again suggest that The Powers That Be do the same thing for Seasons 2 and 3.

For the Season 2 set, show a double-feature of “Amok Time” and “The Doomsday Machine.” For Season 3, show a double-feature of “The Enterprise Incident” and “The Tholian Web.” What better way to get people pumped up for the DVD sets and Star Trek XI?