The Menagerie, Alive, Shatner on Trek XI (News from the frontier, 10/19/2007)

And that’s just about all the time we have tonight, folks. Oh wait, I haven’t started yet. Here’s tonight’s news…

Two more shows added for Star Trek: The Menagerie
CBS may be on to something here. As reported earlier this month, “The Menagerie” is coming to theaters in November to promote the first season HD DVD release of the remastered Star Trek. reports today that two additional showings have been added, due to much higher than expected ticket demand.

Two more HD DVD sets are in the works to cover the remaining seasons. Since Star Trek: The Menagerie is obviously a huge success, why not do the same thing for Seasons 2 and 3?

For the Season 2 set, show a double-feature of “Amok Time” and “The Doomsday Machine.”

Show a double-feature of “The Enterprise Incident” and “The Tholian Web” to promote the Season 3 set.

By that time, Star Trek XI would be nearly ready to launch in theaters.

Stop the zombies, save the world
While I’m a fan of the horror genre, zombies just aren’t my thing. However, our friends from Star Trek: Remastered sent this nifty link promoting a new series (Alive), so I’m passing it on for those who are interested. Be warned that some of the site’s content is graphic. Check it out at: Falcon Rock Command.

Incidentally, the site logos are likely the work of Remastered line producer Michael Okuda. In addition to his extensive work on the various Star Trek series and movies dating back to Star Trek IV, not to mention co-authoring the definitive reference works Star Trek Encyclopedia and Chronology, he even designs logos for real spacecraft in his spare time. Okuda will reportedly serve as Scenic Supervisor on the show, which is tentatively eyeing a 2008 premiere if it can generate enough Internet buzz (here’s hoping).

The creators of Alive are Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, prolific Star Trek authors and part of the Star Trek: Enterprise creative team in its final season. Also joining the show from Star Trek: Enterprise are actors John Billingsley and Gary Graham. (Info Source: Trek United)

He doesn’t think these kids can steer
I leave you tonight with a couple of video clips of William Shatner discussing Star Trek XI on Shatnervision. Earlier this week, Chris Pine won the role of James T. Kirk in the new movie. AICN and several other rumor mills have since been hinting that Shatner is also involved in the film and has essentially been fibbing to fans over the last few months. Judge for yourself.

Part 1: Is William Shatner in the new Star Trek movie?
Part 2: Shatner on Kirk without Shatner in Star Trek XI

From the Boulevard of Forgotten Links
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