DC: Singer’s Superman Returns sequel is “going to happen”

A question has haunted all of us Superman Returns fans since the Justice League movie news broke a few weeks ago. Has Warner Brothers cancelled The Man of Steel, Bryan Singer’s sequel to Superman Returns? Rumors have been everywhere, but facts have been few.

Edward Gross over at the top-notch Voices From Krypton blog snagged an exclusive this week with DC Comics’ Gregory Noveck and asked him the big question. Noveck is the Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs, which makes him the liaison between DC and Warner Brothers for adaptations of its characters.

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: There are so many rumors on the Internet, including that Bryan Singer’s Man of Steel is not happening. Is that film still on the table?

GREGORY NOVECK: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: Well, the word is that it’s been put on “indefinite hold” because of Justice League.

GREGORY NOVECK: That’s not true. The reason that Justice League is powering forward first is because the script came in and it was phenomenal.

Noveck went on to say about Singer’s The Man of Steel, “We’re scripting and it’s going to happen. We’re not going to make it until the script is great, but we’ll get there one way or the other and it’s not going to take nine years.”

Does this guarantee that Singer’s film will be made? Of course not, but things are not nearly as bleak as some would have you believe. That’s why it is always best in a situation like this to wait for more information rather than jumping to conclusions based on theories made up by various people to feel self-important.

As a fan of both Superman (the character) and Superman Returns, my thanks to Gross for setting the record straight. He truly is one of those fighting the never-ending battle for truth. Be sure to check out these links to his two-part interview with Noveck:

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