Justice League, Trek Remastered, TNG (News from the frontier, 9/28/2007)

Good evening, silent readers. You’ve safely made it back to The Film Frontier.

Who will make the League?
So the big news this week is Variety confirming that the Justice League movie I told you about earlier this year is moving forward and will be directed by George Miller (the Mad Max series). It has a tentative release date of 2009. The movie will likely be live-action and include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other Justice Leaguers.

Sit back. This ignites the typical rumors that Bryan Singer’s sequel to Superman Returns is in jeopardy of never being made. Until there is official word, I am going to give Warner Brothers the benefit of the doubt here and assume this film will not halt that one. After all, The Dark Knight (the sequel to Batman Begins) is still on track for a 2008 release. There is no reason a solo Superman movie cannot proceed, either.

I do think it’s a big missed opportunity not to involve both Brandon Routh (Superman) and Christian Bale (Batman) in the Justice League movie, though. It would have been great to see them team-up, but it seems others will play the legendary heroes in this film.

Smallville fans, do not look for Tom Welling (Clark Kent) to play Superman in the movie, either. That would only work if they make Smallville: The Movie. That is not really a slam on Welling, whose fan club descended on the comments section of the Variety article to promote their man and bash Routh a bit while they were at it. I’m a Lois & Clark fan, for instance, yet I do not think Dean Cain (Clark Kent/Superman) would have been a good choice to play the Man of Steel in Superman Returns. It is a whole different Superman universe, and the incarnations should not be mixed like that.

This weekend on Star Trek: Remastered
Get out your saltshakers, it’s “The Man Trap.” Check out the video preview over at StarTrek.com. Looks like the team did a great job updating the morphing effect for the salt vampire. Though it was the sixth episode filmed, “The Man Trap” was the first episode ever broadcast of Star Trek, back in 1966.

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And, lest I forget, happy anniversary to all those involved with or fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which made its syndicated debut twenty years ago today. Here’s a good article on the series from EW.com.

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