REVIEW: Action Comics #854

Action Comics #854 (DC Comics, M. October 2007 cover date)
Kurt Busiek
Penciller: Brad Walker
Inker: Livesay
Cover: Brad Walker & Livesay

So, this time around, we get the third and final part of “3-2-1 Action!,” the tale that started horribly but improved a bit in the middle act.

After an initial revelation that was all but mapped out in the last issue, the story progresses along by means of a framing device. Since the DC universe did not come to a halt at the end of Action #853, Jimmy catches Superman and the readers up on what occurred next.

The writing is still a bit amateurish for my taste, but it’s a decent one-off tale. Krypto is back, so that scores a lot of points with me as a dog lover. Keep in mind, I loved the recent Underdog movie. Which, I gather, puts me in a very small minority.

Since the covers, art, and writing have all been a bit off in this arc, could it be that we’re actually reading a comic book created by Jimmy? They’re just missing the little note that says “Jimmy drew this.” It would explain a lot. . . .

Anyway, with dog points added in, this one isn’t too bad. Walker should stick to drawing Krypto and forget about Superman, though.

Honestly, I’m glad this one’s over. Though the ending of the last Geoff Johns/Richard Donner arc has yet to be revealed, Action is moving on to their next arc, “Escape from Bizarro World.”

Story/Writing: 6 (out of 10)
Art: 6
Cover Art: 3
Overall Experience: 6 (out of 10)