REVIEW: Action Comics #853

Action Comics #853 (DC Comics, October 2007 cover date)
Kurt Busiek
Penciller: Brad Walker
Inker: Livesay
Cover: Brad Walker & Livesay

I’m about to review Action Comics #853, so hit the deck!

Yes, I pretty much hated the last issue, so much so I can’t say I was exactly looking forward to Part 2 of “3-2-1 Action!”

In fact, when this issue was a bit delayed arriving at my doorstep, I initially took it as a benevolent gift from the DC gods that perhaps this one got lost in the mail.

No such luck. Fortunately, though, this installment isn’t nearly as bad as last time. Perhaps I was more prepared for Superman merely making a guest appearance in what is actually a Jimmy Olsen story.

Considering how poorly Superman is drawn and written in this story arc, I’d just as soon he appear as little as possible. Walker just doesn’t have a handle on Clark yet, whether dressed as the reporter or the superhero. To be fair here, I will point out that Walker’s non-Superman art looks decent enough, and the colors (Pantazis & Loughridge) are vibrant and near-perfect.

The Jimmy as superhero story moves along fairly well, though. It’s only when the story gets bogged down with the Kryptonite Man and his monkey that readers begin to suffer. Most of the issue is fun, and the surprise ending on the last frame of the last page actually makes me look forward to Part 3. Considering where I was at the end of Part 1, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Story/Writing: 5 (out of 10)
Art: 6
Cover Art: 4
Overall Experience: 5 (out of 10)