Check out the 2007-2008 Star Trek: Remastered schedule

“The Galileo Seven” kicks off Star Trek: Remastered‘s second and final season the weekend of September 15. The official Star Trek site today released a tentative schedule for the 2007-2008 season, which includes the remaining 40 episodes of the original series.

“The Galileo Seven” should offer the gang at CBS Digital plenty of opportunities to demonstrate what they learned last season, during which the new effects steadily improved. To get ready for this season, be sure to check out a repeat of “The Doomsday Machine,” airing the weekend of September 8. Top-notch work that left me pumping my fist in the air.

The last Remastered episode, “Turnabout Intruder,” will air the weekend of August 2, 2008, though repeats will continue for at least a month after that. “Turnabout Intruder” was also the final episode broadcast in the original Star Trek‘s run on NBC (June 3, 1969). To date, it is the only official Star Trek episode or movie to feature a portrayal of James T. Kirk by someone other than William Shatner (excluding stunt players).

The Star Trek: Remastered episodes air out of sequence in syndication, meaning that episodes from each of the original Star Trek‘s three seasons will air throughout the 2007-2008 season. Each Remastered episode features updated special effects, including a beautiful computer-generated USS Enterprise, and enhanced picture and sound.

Other “weekend of” dates for key episodes include “The Deadly Years” on November 10, “The Enemy Within” on January 26, 2008, “The Ultimate Computer” on February 9, and “The Enterprise Incident” on April 5.

A DVD set of the Star Trek: Remastered versions of the original series’ first season is due out this November.