REVIEW: Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD set

Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition (14 DVDs)

Superman The Ultimate Collector's EditionIt’s taken me nine months, but I’ve finally made it to the end of Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition. I have watched every movie, every feature, and listened to every commentary in the big silver tin. Just about the only thing I didn’t do was listen to the non-English audio tracks.

Does this set live up to its name? Well, let’s find out. Click on the links to view my individual reviews for each disc.

Discs 1-4
Superman: Special Edition
(Overall: 10 out of 10)

Discs 5 & 7
Superman II: Special Edition
(Overall: 9)

Disc 6
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
(Overall: 10)

Disc 8
Superman III: Deluxe Edition
(Overall: 7)

Disc 9
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace-Deluxe Edition
(Overall: 5)

Discs 10 & 11
Superman Returns: Special Edition
(Overall: 10)

Disc 12
Look, Up In The Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman
(Overall: 9)

Disc 13 (Bonus)
You Will Believe: The Making of a Saga
(Overall: 7)

Disc 14 (Bonus)
Bryan Singer’s Video Journals
(Overall: 8)

Other bonus items
Superman: Rampage comic book (Overall: 4)
Full-sized, theatrical one-sheet posters for the first five (1978-2006) Superman movies [mail-in offer, pay only $5.80 for shipping]

The verdict
Simply put, Warner Home Video has assembled the best DVD collection I’ve ever purchased. Paramount and Lucasfilm, pay attention for your next Star Trek and Star Wars efforts. This is how you do an ultimate boxed set. You release the highest quality versions of the theatrical versions of the films and alternate cuts, pack the discs with bonus features including vintage specials, throw in some non-DVD extras, and release it all at an affordable price.

The only Superman-related movies missing from this set are the 1948 and 1950 theatrical serials starring Kirk Alyn, 1984’s Supergirl starring Helen Slater, and (this is a stretch) 1997’s Steel starring Shaquille O’Neal. The Superman serials and Supergirl are currently available on DVD. As for Steel, the odds are it will eventually surface. Whether or not that’s a good thing, I’ll leave up to you.

Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition was so successful that it sold out in most areas within a month. After a second pressing, it is now back in stores. If you are a Superman fan, be sure not to miss this one.

Features: 9 (out of 10)
Video Quality: 10
Audio Quality: 9
Bonus Features: 10
Overall Experience: 10