Don’t Look, He’s Not Out There Now

Most airplane trips are eventually round-trip, so Friday I experienced my second-ever flight. Though I felt less like a sardine, I unfortunately did not have a window seat this time.

The guy beside me who did have the window totally wasted it. As soon as we started to take off, he started looking straight ahead and never looked out again until we touched the ground nearly three hours later. I noticed many other people doing this, too. What a waste!

There wasn’t much to see this time anyway, though. It was a lot cloudier, so all you could really see was vast whiteness. We were just behind the back edge of the wing so I had this urge to say to the frightened stranger beside me, “There’s a man out there! On the wing of this plane!”

Knowing my oddball sense of humor, my wife had already warned me not to try this particular little prank. She really did not want to see me on the evening news.

I get to go up again later this month. I can’t wait! Maybe this time, the aircraft will go back into time and we’ll have to keep dipping below the cloud cover to see if we’ve made it home.