Random Thoughts From Another Frontier

I don’t have a lot of time this month, so this will be a short entry. Don’t expect any kind of theme, either. Brace yourselves for randomness.

I flew for the first time earlier this week. Not Superman-style, but in an airplane. Awesome experience! I looked out the window the whole time for the three-hour flight. The only downside is that I was in a flying sardine can. I was an idiot and brought a book along to read, thinking that I would actually be able to move a muscle in order to flip the pages.

Oh well, it was still incredible to see the United States at 36,000 feet. Flying amongst the clouds was fun. I must admit, I kept hearing the “Love Theme from Superman” in my head as I watched the beautiful clouds. I’m weird like that.

It was interesting to look down and see the shadows on the ground that were in the exact shape of the clouds. You just can’t get a feel for that from the ground.

I haven’t watched HBO in years, until stuck here at the hotel. Didn’t HBO used to show movies? It is Home Box Office, right? It seems all they show now are boring “original series.” I guess that’s part of the de-evolution of cable channels. MTV (Music Television) stopped showing music videos. TNN (The Nashville Network) stopped covering country music (but at least eventually changed its name to reflect that).

Though, actually, HBO does happen to be showing a movie at this very moment: Back to the Future, Part III. I loved the first one. They should have stopped there. Still, it’s more interesting than the morning news.

Currently, rumors are circulating that Leonard Nimoy will appear in Star Trek XI, while William Shatner will not. If the Nimoy appearance turns out to be true, that raises a couple of interesting points.

For one thing, Nimoy has generally been picky about scripts over the years. He turned down directing and appearing in Star Trek Generations, after all, when Rick Berman refused to listen to his script concerns. Veteran TNG television director David Carson eventually took the helm on that film, while the Spock cameo role was slightly rewritten for Scotty (James Doohan). While Generations was an okay movie, we can only imagine what Nimoy would have done if given control.

More recently, Nimoy has also mentioned that he would only be interested in appearing in Star Trek XI if it was more than a cameo. Does this mean he will have a significant, non-cameo role in the film?

If Nimoy and, hopefully, Shatner can get work out of Star Trek XI, that’s great. They both deserve it. From an artistic standpoint, though, I think the characters of Kirk and Spock had the best exits possible in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. While I’m excited to see their early adventures, I think the later years have already been perfectly wrapped up.