News from the frontier, 6/30/2007 (Star Trek XI, Superman, etc.)

Good evening, folks. Tons of news, so I’ll try to keep my comments a little shorter than normal this time around. I do tend to get long-winded with this stuff.

Star Trek XI writers break their silence and then won’t stop talking
As Bones once said, “It never rains but it pours.” Transformers and Star Trek XI writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci were interviewed, well, by pretty much everyone lately and they’re finally opening up a bit about the eleventh Star Trek movie. Kurtzman, Orci Talk Writing to Writers ‘Transformers’ Scribes Want Shatner In ‘Star Trek’ Flick
geekheeb: “Wrath of Khan” inspiration for “Star Trek” scribe Kurtzman Exclusive: Transformers Writers Orci and Kurtzman

I’m seriously waiting for a middle school newspaper out there somewhere to interview these guys and break the casting news. Hey, it could happen.

Superman Homepage details the Superman not on DVD
I don’t know about you, but as a kid I always thought it would be cool if Superman showed up on Sesame Street. If Spider-Man could be on The Electric Company, why couldn’t Supes meet Super Grover? Turns out the Man of Steel did appear on Sesame Street. You can read about that and lots of other Superman footage not yet available on DVD in a great article by Barry Freiman over at the Superman Homepage. And though it’s not on DVD, you can view Superman’s Sesame Street appearance there, too. Looks like Warner will need a “Decade of Superman” to get all this stuff out. Personally, I’m waiting for the short-lived Superman cartoon from 1988.

One nation, under dog
I’m a sucker for dogs–especially Beagles. I realize Underdog purists may not be too happy with the forthcoming live-action version, but I’m looking forward to it. Here’s a new trailer for the film, which opens on August 3: Underdog Movie.

A blog for Star Trek, Superman, and other superheroes
At the risk of losing our two loyal readers, surf on over to Voices From Krypton – an entertainment news and features blog focusing on Star Trek, Superman, Transformers, Heroes, and other topics of interest. Written by Edward Gross, Voices From Krypton has been online for three weeks and already snagged exclusives with Bruce Timm (Superman Doomsday), Tim Kring (Heroes), and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek XI, Transformers).

Though I’ve not been able to verify it yet, I’m assuming this is the same Edward Gross who edited and co-wrote The Making of the Trek Films, one of the definitive reference works on the classic Star Trek movies. In fact, even William Shatner’s Star Trek Movie Memories relied heavily on it.

Either way, it’s a great blog, highly recommended. I just hope they remember to send us our two readers back when they’re done. We need ’em.

What was I saying about not being long-winded? reports that TNG’s Marina Sirtis stars in a science fiction movie written and produced by TOS’s Walter Koenig. Koenig also appears in the film, as does Alan Ruck (Star Trek Generations) and Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica). This looks to be an independent movie.
*** reports that Fleet of Doom, the 1986 TV movie that paired the Lion Force and Vehicle Force Voltrons, will be soon be available on DVD. One of the things I remember about this movie is that it was the only time I liked the Vehicle Force Voltron. I pretty much hated them the rest of the time. It’s due to ship on July 6. Expected on DVD September 25 is Voltron, Defender of the Universe—Collection Four: Red Lion.
*** posted an account of the induction ceremony for Gene Roddenberry into the Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame. It’s a great read, including a really cool gesture by Wil Wheaton to Roddenberry’s son, Rod.
CinemaBlend reports another sequel to Starship Troopers is in the works. I enjoyed the first Starship Troopers, but can’t say I’ve seen the animated series or the direct-to-DVD sequel.
The “live-action” Transformers movie opens July 2, but a new animated version is on the way according to SciFiWire. I had no idea there had been eight Transformers series over the years. I can only think of two.
CinemaBlend also posted news and some interesting comments about Cowboys & Aliens, yet another movie from the Kurtzman/Orci team.
None other than Steven Spielberg released a brief video about the first day of filming on Indy IV. Check it out at

This week on Star Trek: Remastered
And lest I forget this great series again, be sure to check out “The Omega Glory” this weekend on Star Trek: Remastered. An appropriately-themed episode, since this is Independence Day Weekend here in the United States. Or is it next weekend? It’s hard to tell, since the fourth is on a Wednesday. I have a tough time figuring out these mid-week holidays.

For all of you that have fought or continue to fight for our freedom, thank you.