News from the frontier, 5/16/2007 (Saturns, Singer on TOS, Heroes DVD)

It’s been kind of quiet on the frontier lately, which works out well since I have not had a lot of time anyway. Here are some news snippets for this morning.

Superman tops Saturn Awards
Who says there’s no justice left in the universe? Finally, Superman Returns has been recognized as the masterpiece it is. On May 10, the Bryan Singer film won five Saturn Awards, which are presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films. Other Superman projects also fared well.

Best Fantasy Film: Superman Returns
Best Actor: Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)
Best Supporting Actor: Ben Affleck (Hollywoodland)
Best Director: Bryan Singer (Superman Returns)
Best Writing: Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris (Superman Returns)
Best Music: John Ottman (Superman Returns)
Best DVD Special Edition Release: Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
Best Retro Television Series on DVD: Adventures of Superman (Complete 6 Seasons)

Alternate universe’s Star Trek director talks about alternate universe’s Superman director
At the Saturn Awards, Superman Returns director Bryan Singer, who once hoped to helm a Star Trek movie, talked to about Star Trek XI director JJ Abrams, who was once attached to helm a Superman movie. That sounds just confusing enough to warrant a mention here on The Film Frontier.

“I think JJ’s brilliant, so I hope that his version gets made,” said Singer. “I’m looking forward to seeing it.” He also had this to say about the original Star Trek and the challenges of reimagining it:

“I love those characters. I don’t know whether you try to imitate them or whether you create a kind of new version. I really, I have no idea what you do. Anything is cool if it’s done well. To me, it’s never a premise thing. It’s always an executional thing on this stuff. I love Star Trek, too, the original series, because of the stories, the writing, and the acting, believe it or not. I thought it was tremendous and done with great conviction, and that’s an executional thing.”

Singer went on to talk about his brief cameo in Star Trek Nemesis, dinner at Patrick Stewart’s house with surprise guest William Shatner, and his thoughts on the Star Trek: Remastered concept. Check out video of the full interview over at

Buy the DVD, save the world
Season 1 of NBC’s break-out series of the season, Heroes, is coming to DVD and HD-DVD as a 7-disc set on August 28. I’ve seen exactly one half of one episode of this show (the premiere). I missed the rest and the next episode, so I gave up trying to follow it each week. It looked pretty good, so I’ll probably pick this one up once the price falls.

The only thing I’m worried about is having to sit through George Takei’s joyous overacting without William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy there to balance out the experience. (Information Source: