News from the frontier, 4/27/2007 (Star Trek comics, Star Wars stamps, TNG 20)

Happy Friday folks. Here are some news tidbits for you.

In June 2007, return to Fall 1969

Lately, Star Trek has been going back to its roots. The comics will follow this same path with Star Trek: Year Four, which continues where the original television series left off after its third-season cancellation by NBC in 1969. The six issue series will also include characters from the animated Star Trek, which has also recently seen a resurgence in popularity.

Star Trek: Year Four is written by David Tischman with art by Steve Conley. On Tuesday, Newsarama talked to Conley, who had this to say when asked which of the six Trek series is his favorite:

Without question, the original Star Trek series is the one for me. It’s strong, earnest, unapologetic, and so much fun. I enjoyed The Next Generation and the later Star Trek series as well but, to me, they don’t hold a candle to the original.

Looks like the comic book will be in good hands. Check out the full interview over at Newsarama.

Coming to your post office this summer reports that you can now preorder the sheet of fifteen Star Wars stamps that will be released on May 25. Each sheet costs $6.15, not a bad deal for either side since most of the stamps will never actually be mailed.

That other Star Trek show

In 1987, having lost control of the Star Trek movies, Gene Roddenberry tried television again with a show called Star Trek: The Next Generation. At Larry Nemecek waxes nostalgic over the long-forgotten series, which starred Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (Just kidding, TNG fans. As a TOS fan, I had to put up with this kind of stuff for 20 years, so please indulge me a bit now that my Trek is in power again.)

My weekly plug for Star Trek: Remastered

Airing this weekend on Star Trek: Remastered, it’s “A Piece of the Action,” an episode always worth checking out with or without updated special effects. Maybe by that time, I’ll have the review up for last week’s episode, “All Our Yesterdays.” I need some of our yesterdays back to catch up, let me tell you.